At its Trzebinia plant, ONDO has a constantly developing modern machine park for the production of aerosols, lubricants, shampoos and many other products. The quality management standards introduced and adhered to, e.g. ISO 9001, allow high repeatability of products to be achieved.

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer of production services, packaging and storage of products. Our flexible approach to the customer allows us to produce even small production batches.


The products manufactured in our plant are based on the highest quality substances offered by global chemical corporations. All deliveries of raw materials and packaging are subject to constant quality control before they are released for production.


We have a specialised mixer which allows us to prepare high quality semi-finished products and an installation for automatic collection of raw materials from pressure vessels, which enables automatic dosing of components in a closed circuit to the mixing tank. Manufactured semi-finished products are subject to chemical tests in our analytical laboratory.


Our machine park offers the possibility to pack a wide range of products,

aerosols: lacquered and unlacquered containers, vessels   150 ml – 750 ml,
mass fluids: bottles, canisters, barrels, mausers, vessels 1 l – 1000 l,
car cosmetics: bottles with cap, atomizer, vessels 100 ml – 1000 ml,
products in small capacities, vessels 5 l – 50 ml,
technical lubricants in boxes,
skin-packed products.

The packaging process is subject to quality control, including control of weight, correctness of execution and packaging process.


In Trzebinia near Kraków we have modern warehouse space that meets all logistic requirements.

We operate on the basis of an optimised logistics chain, which begins with the planning of warehouse stocks, through warehouse movements to the dispatch of goods to customers in Poland and abroad.