Mobil Medic is a professional brand of technical chemicals designed for demanding customers.

Mobil Medic is a unique brand, prepared by specialists and designed for demanding mechanics. It includes products necessary in every workshop, such as removers, lubricants, penetrants, preservatives and safety products, which have been prepared by our laboratory according to the highest standards. Thanks to this, they are not only extremely effective, but also perfectly suited to the needs of users. Their high quality and repeatability is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2007 certificate.

Why Mobil Medic:

Mobil Medic is a brand of perfectly prepared products with high concentrations of active particles, ensuring their excellent performance. The high quality of the products and their repetition means that service stations and garages eagerly return to them. The most popular Mobil Medic products include, refrigerants for all types of cars manufactured on the basis of glycols, corrosion inhibitors and demineralized water in the form of ready liquids and concentrates. In addition, there are also highly versatile brake fluids for all vehicles where the manufacturer recommends the use of DOT-4, DOT-3, or R-3 fluids.

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