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PETRO CANADA lubricating oils

Premium products based on 99.9% pure hydrocracked base oils from the patented HT Purity PETRO-CANADA purification process.

PETRO CANADA is owned by the American oil company HollyFrontier Corporation. HollyFrontier has oil refineries in the United States and produces base oils in the United States and Canada. All PETRO CANADA lubricants are hydrocracked or synthetic oils. The HT Purity PETRO-CANADA purification process results in the highest purity level, very high viscosity index and low flow temperature of the base oils, which belong to groups II, II+, III or III+, which means that the offered products are characterised by high stability and long service life.

Why Petro-Canada:
Petro-Canada products are made from the highest purity, 99.9%, hydrocracked base oils. This brand’s oils are characterised by excellent fluidity at low temperatures and excellent resistance to oxidation and high temperature. This ensures reliable protection for your equipment in the toughest operating conditions.