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technical chemicals

Technical chemicals PULSAR

A Polish brand of glue products and preparations supporting the processes of gluing and surface preparation.

The PULSAR brand was established in 2001. It was inspired by space technology, so the products in the portfolio are high quality and effective in operation. At the same time, they are constantly being updated in line with the progress in industrial chemistry and customer expectations. Research and development of new products for this brand is carried out by our laboratory, and the high quality of production is achieved by implementing the Quality Management System, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015-10 in our production plant.

Why Pulsar:
The Pulsar brand is a high quality chemical product designed to be used both in industry and at home. They satisfy all the needs of customers for adhesives and users of technical products. Due to the technical progress in the field of industrial chemistry and the changing needs of users, the offer is constantly evolving.

Technical chemicals LOXEAL

An Italian brand of high quality and technically advanced products for industrial applications and broadly defined connection technology.

LOXEAL has over 35 years of experience in the development of products for special applications in the field of chemical fasteners. This brand’s products are intended mainly for use in production plants, maintenance departments, machinery and equipment services, mechanical workshops, and other branches of the economy. Loxeal adhesives can successfully replace traditional structural bonding methods and are increasingly being used for economic reasons.

Why Loxeal:
Loxeal products are characterised by a wide range of applications and physico-chemical properties. Due to the affordable price and the variety of packaging, the adhesives can be used by virtually every user. All Loxeal products from the Ondo sp. z o.o. range are always available in our warehouse.