Gunk group products are manufactured in the USA, intended for use by do-it-yourselfers and professional car services. They repair, improve and prevent, are uncomplicated to use and quick to operate.

Gunk products have excellent cleaning properties and are able to remove the most difficult dirt – grease residues, used oil deposits, and road dirt. In Poland, the Gunk brand also manufactures Liquid Wrench products – a wide range of lubricants and penetrants, Motor Medic – high quality additives for fuels and oils, and Tite Seal – preparations for repairing punctured tyres and protecting the chassis.

Why Gunk:

Gunk, Liquid Wrench, Motor Medic and Tite Seal are American products for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. They quickly, efficiently and effectively solve problems related to cleaning, maintenance of mechanical parts of the car (penetrants, rust removers), ensure safety (spray tyre), and help in the use of the car (fuel additives).

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