BRUMM is a collection of car cosmetics and accessories, which were created in response to the expectations and suggestions of drivers. They are useful, functional and effective.

The idea behind Brumm products is to provide solutions that enable everyone to experience the joy of driving. This brand’s cosmetics are distinguished by their effectiveness, innovative design and pleasant fragrance, thanks to which they have been appreciated by both women and men. Each of them is designed to solve at least one specific problem in terms of car care and protection. The result of their use is a clean and well-kept car which is the pride of its owner.


Why Brumm:

Each product solves a specific problem, is easy to use and has an affordable price.

Products do not require automotive issues. Thanks to easy and legible communication, they can be used by anyone, even by inexperienced car owners.

Brumm cosmetics are the result of many months of detailed research conducted in our laboratory and numerous tests carried out by car drivers. Thanks to this, they are characterised by high effectiveness.

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